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The Importance of Updating WordPress Plugins

By John Locke April 25th, 2015 in WordPress
Apr 25, 2015

Update WordPress Plugins On Your Website

Earlier this week, a potential security vulnerability was found in several popular WordPress plugins. Through a coordinated effort by dozens of WordPress plugin developers, these were simultaneously updated, along with a scheduled update to WordPress core. While fifteen of the most installed plugins were identified and updated, there are likely hundreds of other plugins that will update soon.

Why do I mention this to you?

Website security is improved substantially by updating to the current version of WordPress, updating WordPress plugins and hosting your site on a decent server. It also helps to add extra protection using a plugin like BetterSucuri WordPress Security.

But what I really want to focus on for starters is stressing how vital it is to regularly update WordPress itself and keep your plugins updated.

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Change Currency Display in WooCommerce

By John Locke April 24th, 2015 in Front End Development, WordPress
Apr 24, 2015

How To Change Currency Display In WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the leading e-commerce solution on the WordPress platform. More people use it than any other plugin or e-commerce suite in the WordPress ecosystem. Out of the box, it can do quite a bit, and there are tons of paid extensions that help you add more robust functionality.

But out of the box, it has a few limitations. Recently, I was asked how you might change the currency display from the standard symbol to a text representation. For example, if for some reason, you wanted to change the dollar symbol ($) to read (USD). Or even (Dollars). Here’ how you make that happen without breaking your payment gateway transactions.

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Vulnerability Found and Updated In 15 WordPress Plugins

By John Locke April 23rd, 2015 in WordPress
Apr 23, 2015

XSS Vulnerability Found and Updated in 15 WordPress Plugins April 2015

On April 20th, 2015, a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability was discovered in at least fifteen of the most popular WordPress plugins by WordPress security specialists, Sucuri. The vulnerability could have allowed malicious attackers to compromise affected websites.

Through a coordinated effort, both WordPress core and the identified plugins pushed simultaneous updates, fixing the security vulnerability.

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On Deposits, Working For Equity and Net 30 Payments

By John Locke April 22nd, 2015 in Business and Entrepreneurship, WordPress
Apr 22, 2015

Deposit, Net 30 and Equity Policy

Let’s face it. It’s tough to talk about money, but it needs to be done, and brought into the open.

Many independent web developers receive questions about what type of payment structure they will accept before a project starts. Do you charge a deposit? Do you work for future equity? What’s your policy regarding Net 30 (or longer) payments?

While I can’t speak for other shops, my short answers to these questions are yes, I require a deposit before starting work. No, I don’t work for equity. And I avoid working on contracts where payment is unnecessarily delayed.

Here are the reasons why I structure payment arrangements this way.

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