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Does Valid HTML Affect SEO?


Search engine optimization is far from an exact science. Search results are a constantly moving target. Google says there are over 200 factors that go into their current algorithm.

Today, let’s address one question that comes up from time to time.

Does valid HTML really affect SEO?

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How To Leave a Google Review on iPhone

How To Leave a Google Review on iPhone and Get Customers To Leave Reviews

It is advantageous to get positive Google reviews for your business. Businesses that get five or more Google reviews have a star rating that appears next to their search results. This makes the search result for your business stand out from your competitors. But it is confusing for customers to leave a Google review on iPhone, because the reviews are not where you would expect them to be. That is the second hurdle.

The first hurdle is: to get Google reviews for your business, you must have a Google Plus page for your business Google My Business). You can sign up for free over at Once you have all your information up there, you can ask customers to leave a review after they transact with you. Sending them a follow-up email is a good way to do this. If you wait too long, say a week or longer to ask, the experience is no longer fresh in your customer’s mind and they are less likely to act.

Customers on a desktop browser can write a review from the About tab of your Google My Business page.

Google Plus Page About Tab

But for iPhone users, this tab does not appear in their browser. How can you get customers to leave Google reviews if they can’ access the About tab on their mobile browser?

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WP-Tonic: Page Speed, Theme Marketplaces, Frameworks

WP-Tonic Panel Discussion: Page Speed, Theme Marketplaces, WordPress Frameworks

WP-Tonic is a somewhat new panel discussion show in the WordPress space. They have been producing monthly shows since September 2014, and hosts Bill Conrad and Jonathan Denwood have been publishing a weekly WordPress podcast since July 2014. Jonathan is an organizer of the Reno WordPress Meetup and runs the web agency Digital Delirium. Bill is a veteran, former city councilman, podcaster and entrepreneur running Timelines of Success and New Media Gold.

I’ve had the pleasure of being a panel member on the WP-Tonic monthly discussion since October 2014. Here’s some of the other amazing panelists on this show.

These are some smart and talented people, and there is a lot to learn from these discussions, especially for folks working in the WordPress ecosystem.

With the recent new that Google is testing a warning label in mobile search results for slow loading sites, I thought it timely to go back to a discussion we had in October 2014 about how to improve page speed in WordPress. Enjoy the video. Show notes are below.

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Google Testing Warning Label For Slow Loading Sites

Google Testing Red Warning Label For Slow Loading Sites

Search Engine Land reported today that Google is testing out a red warning label for slow loading websites. The screenshots SEL received were for Google owned websites, but it is likely these “Slow” labels will eventually roll out to all search engine results.

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Steps To Prevent Your Customer Base From Disappearing

Steps To Prevent Your Customers Disappearing

Oftentimes, I am approached by established businesses who request either a website or a re-tooling of their existing website. I like to investigate deeper into what is motivating them to invest in a website now as opposed to a year from now. One factor that always seems to surface is they are losing customers to their competitors, or their customers have tapered off and they don’t seem to be coming back.

99 times out of 100, these are knowledgeable, customer-focused businesses. For this majority, the root problem does not lie in the quality of their service. More often than not, the customer base that the business has always had is simply getting older, moving, or more aware of their competitors. I often find there has been little effort to replace that vanishing customer base with new customers.

There is a strong correlation between the long-standing business that has always gotten customers by word-of-mouth referrals and businesses that have a gradually disappearing customer base. It’s not a 1:1 ratio, but it is very high.

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