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Your website is your most important marketing tool. A successful website generates leads, saves you time and effort, and helps grow your business. A professional website functions well, looks great, is easy for you to maintain, and performs great on all devices: phones, tablets and desktop.

Your business has unique goals, opportunities, and challenges. Your website should remove obstacles and help you achieve your goals. In order to build the most effective website possible, I work with you to understand your business, know your customer base, and find your opportunities. Your business has a compelling story to tell — a story that resonates with your ideal customers.

Lockedown Design is a web consultancy based in Sacramento, California that exists to help your business succeed.

Solutions Provided

Web Strategy

A well-planned web strategy helps you achieve your business goals more easily and minimizes your risk. Discovery and research allows us to plan informed web design, content marketing, and social media strategies. You have competitors and challenges unique to your business. Positioning your company correctly, telling the right story, and having a cohesive marketing plan will help you raise your visibility, and help you gain more customers. Great online content is another pillar of your web presence — the reason people come to your website and trust your expertise.

Web Design

Design is both functional and beautiful. If you are launching a brand new site or need to update the design for an existing website, your core messages should always shine through. The modern web designer uses tools like imagery, typography, graphics, color theory, psychology, and emotional design to create the best site possible. Your story is unique, and your website will help tell that story creatively, as your most effective marketing tool.

Web Development

Websites must function as flawlessly as they look. Your website will be built using best practices and a modern web development workflow. Your custom-built website will be mobile friendly, looking great and functioning well on every device. Your website will also be optimized for speed and performance like a fine tuned engine. Before launch, your site will be tested on a variety of browsers, devices, and use cases.


Joseph Baressi
“After working with John, my website business has done much better then anticipated, due to bugs being fixed and aesthetic of the site being changed, improving user experience and increasing sales.”

— Joseph Baressi, MoonsLightMagic.com

Susan Henry 1
“John is a very knowledgeable and detail-oriented web developer and I enjoyed working with him on several projects.”

— Susan Henry, ParticlesCollide.com

Tom Klinger of PureNINE Studios
“John is the best. On time, on budget, and extensive development knowledge.”

— Tom Klinger, PureNINE Studios

The Design Process


In our initial meetings, I’ll discover more about your business and your goals—your hopes, dreams, and challenges for growing your business online. This stage is about establishing communication and finding out what problems need to be solved.


During the research phase, I find out more about your strengths and weaknesses, your industry and competitors. I get a clearer idea of how you can position your business better, focus your website, and reach more customers.


With clearly defined goals and research information in hand, the design process begins. The architecture, visual imagery, site content and functionality of your website is mapped out. Each element of the site is given careful thought and consideration.


In the web development stage, I use code and programming to turn design and infrastructure into a fully functioning website. Your website is optimized for use on a wide variety of devices and browsers, and tested for usuability.


When testing is complete, your website is moved from a staging area to a public server. Your site is now online and ready for your post-launch marketing campaigns.


Shortly after your website launch, you will receive personalized training so you can easily maintain and publish content to your website. My goal is to make sure you are comfortable with your website tools and set you up for success.

Design is in the details, both large and small.

Lockedown Design is a Sacramento web design company that exists to boost entrepreneurs and businesses to the next level. Steady communication helps us lay the foundation for success on your web design project.

If you’re ready to reach more customers, increase sales conversions, and position your business for success, let’s begin the process and talk about your specific design needs.

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