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SEO Friendly URLs

The URL, or web address of the page is an often overlooked component of SEO. Today, we’ll look at how to create SEO friendly URLs. Once you get past great content and a quality back link profile, SEO comes down to a lot of little things. The URL structure of your website and your web […]

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Title Tag SEO

What is the title tag and why does it matter for SEO? The title tag is the headline that appears in a search result. Also, the title tag appears in your browser tab when you are viewing that page. The title tag is meant to be a concise representation of what a web page is […]

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Back Links and SEO

No discussion of SEO would be complete without it talking about back links to your site. Google has gone on record saying that on-page content, back links, and machine learning are the three most important factors in search rank as early as March 2016. For those who don’t know, let’s talk about what back links […]

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