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Carmichael Chamber of Commerce

The Backstory, and Why This Project Took Place

Carmichael is an unincorporated area in the Sacramento metro area. Their Chamber of Commerce approached us about redoing their website, and moving it from third-party software to a native CMS. Our goal for this Chamber of Commerce website re-design was to replicate the features found in their current solution, while making the site more user-friendly.

These requirements were in support of the larger goal, increase Chamber membership by making the site more appealing, and a vital resource for member businesses.

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Problems To Address and The Solutions

Goal #1: Make the Chamber site more appealing to businesses looking to grow their business. Essentially, how can we make the value of joining the Carmichael Chamber a no-brainer?

Goal #2: Make the back-end of the site easy for the Chamber staff to use.

Goal #3: How can we make it easier for members to register for events? Can we increase community participation in Chamber-related events?

Goal #4: Can we provide additional information for anyone looking up businesses? Also, how can we make the business profiles more visible in search?

Goal #5: Move the current site and its information to the new site without losing any data.

Chamber of Commerce home page designChamber of Commerce home page

More Robust Profile Pages

One of the big drawbacks of many software-as-a-service (SaaS) Chamber solutions is the lack of information on the business profile pages. Most profiles only have the business name, address, phone, number, and website. We wanted to provide more depth of information, so that visitors could get as much information as possible from a business profile page.

Chamber of Commerce profile pageChamber of Commerce profile page

The enhanced profiles are also visible on the general Business Directory. Someone looking up a business can find any critical information right away.

Business ListingsPart of the Business Directory

Making Events Easier to Manage

We introduced a new events management system to save time for the Chamber staff. Before, they had to input events once on the calendar, and once more on the home page. In the new system, they only need to input an event once, and it shows up everywhere.

Chamber members are also able to register for events directly through PayPal, and the Chamber staff is notified of all RSVPs.

Screenshot of Carmichael Events page, August 20th 2017A screenshot of the Events page from August 2017.

Tracking Honorary Mayor’s Race Donations

Many Chambers in the Sacramento area that are not for incorporated cities have an annual Honorary Mayor’s Race. The candidates raise money for the charity of their choice, and whoever raises the most money gets the mayor’s sash for the next year.

One problem that existed before is that PayPal donations didn’t have a way to sort which candidate they were for.

In the new system, each donation through the website automatically shows which candidate the donation is for. This saves the Chamber staff countless hours throughout the campaign.

Honorary Mayor's Race Donation FormNow, donations for the Honorary Mayor’s Race show who the donation is for (this is a new feature).

Quote From Linda Melody, Executive Director of the Carmichael Chamber

Linda Melody

Linda Melody

Executive Director, Carmichael Chamber of Commerce

John has done a wonderful job on our company website. He has provided the things we needed as a Chamber, and when there was something he wasn’t sure about, he checked with his contacts and was able to provide what we needed. He went the second mile and made training videos so I could learn how to do things. He’s always available when we need something and resolves issues in a timely manner. I would recommend Lockedown Design if you are in the market to improve your website.

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