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Lockedown Design helps manufacturers with 250k to 50M annual revenue improve their SEO and search rankings. We specialize in helping industrial, manufacturing, and other blue-collar companies drive more natural search traffic to their sites.

Though we’re based in Sacramento, California, we’ve helped businesses across the US launch and improve their websites workflow, boost their sales, and rank higher in Google.

We have two things we are particularly well-known for.

SEO. We’ve drastically improved the rankings of several businesses both here in Sacramento, and across the country. This has made a huge difference to their revenue. If you want to learn how to follow SEO best practices going forward, start by reading our ongoing series on Nitty Gritty SEO. You can find Part 1, What Is SEO? here on our blog.

Custom WordPress theme development. We’ve launched over 70 custom-built WordPress websites since late 2012. Unlike most of our competitors, we build custom themes. Many agencies rely on pre-built, bloated, $59 theme templates, which they then try to pass off as unique.

When you need a one-of-a-kind WordPress theme, or custom WordPress functionality, reach out and contact us instead.

How our background gives us a unique advantage.

Most web agency principals have never worked a blue-collar job. Founder John Locke grew up in a blue-collar household, and worked in real-world jobs for nearly two decades before launching Lockedown Design.

This means, we understand more than pixels and fonts. We understand what it means to put in an honest day’s work, and what challenges you face running a business that relies on sales, not web design awards.

Secondly, we understand web development and SEO at a deep level. Many agencies you will run into specialize in one or the other. We can do both.

This means your website won’t have to be handed off to an SEO agency when it launches. Because both the SEO and web development will be baked into your project from the beginning.

Lastly, we believe in measuring the impact of our work. Most companies aren’t spending their marketing budget unless there’s a good reason. Branding and design are important, but you need to see the ROI on a project. Your website is important because it drives your marketing and sales, and we never forget that. We believe that what is measured can be improved, including your website, your content, and your SEO campaigns.

Groups, Memberships, and Affiliations

We’re involved in our local business community, and we enjoy meeting with other business leaders on a regular basis.

Our Values

Investing in any design or development project is a big decision for business owners like you. There are literally millions of SEO consultants and web agencies to choose from, and selecting just one provider can be nerve-wracking. Here are the values we live by at Lockedown Design.


Our communication with you will always be timely and clear. Getting a response to a phone call or email is never something you will have to worry about here. Communication is the lifeblood of any successful project, or any professional relationship.

We make things understandable for you. We’ll explain things as simply as possible, and eliminate jargon and excessive terminology whenever possible. Part of empowering you with your web project is to demystify it and make it easy to understand. Also, we provide free training for you and your staff before your website launches, so you can take ownership of your project.

We build partnerships, not just projects. Almost every single client we have has been with us for many years. We’re here for the long haul — to help you grow in your online business, today and years from now. Our interest is in being your ally on the web for years to come.


We will tell you what you need to hear. Many businesses specialize in being “yes-men”. Our goal is to help you succeed, and occasionally that means steering you away from a bad direction. We’re not afraid to help you make the best decisions possible — even it means having tough conversations.

We’ll will always be honest about time and budget. We’re not big on empty promises. Neither are you. Our promise is to properly scope your project before work begins, and give you a realistic expectation of time and budget.

No hidden agendas. With Lockedown Design, we’re striving to do away with hourly billing for projects. Large projects are done for an agreed upon amount. This means projects won’t have hidden costs because of hours going beyond their allocation. This means there is no motivation for us to drag projects out longer than they have to, just to charge your for those hours. This also means we can spend the proper amount of time making sure your project is designed exactly as it should be, which benefits you and your business.


Every step of our process is detailed. Before your SEO campaign or web project begins, you will be able to see each step in the entire process. This includes the estimated delivery time for each step.

You’ll receive regular summaries of where your project stands, and what work is being done. You will always know where your project stands.

When something unexpected does arise, you will be the first to know. Communication, honesty, and transparency aren’t just buzzwords, they are the founding values of Lockedown Design.

Working with us means you have an ally in your corner — someone who will be honest with you, and someone who will deliver professional results.

If your website isn’t delivering the results you’d like it to, then let’s schedule an initial consultation and start building your business.

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