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Give More To Win More

By John Locke May 24th, 2015 in Business and Entrepreneurship, Client Attraction
May 24, 2015

Give More Win More

This idea is so good, I wish it were mine.

But I’m happy that it’s out there.

This simple idea plays to our human desire to win — at business and at life.

It’s difficult to succeed at any endeavor without allies. You need people behind you who want to see you win.

How do you motivate people who with you and for you to over-deliver? How do you gain allies in a hyper-competitive landscape?

The answer is simple.

You have to give more in order to win more.

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Where Can You Find Good WordPress Hosting?

By John Locke May 23rd, 2015 in Web Design, WordPress
May 23, 2015

Good WordPress Hosting

You already know that good web hosting makes a difference in website performance.

You realize that god WordPress hosting affects everything regarding your website, including customer conversion rates, bounce rates and search rankings.

But choosing the best host for your particular needs isn’t easy.

Search for “web hosting” and you’ll get thousands of results.

Even if you throw out all the hosting that costs less than $10 a month (almost always slower than molasses in January), there’s still dozens to choose from.

Now, I can’t speak to every single host out there, but these are the ones that I’d at least think about when considering where to host a WordPress site.

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Why Does Web Hosting Matter?

By John Locke May 22nd, 2015 in Web Design, WordPress
May 23, 2015

Does Web Hosting Matter?

There are businesses that spend large amounts on developing a website, but cut corners when it comes to web hosting.

What is web hosting? Why does it matter?

Essentially, web hosting is the server space where your website resides.

But isn’t it all the same?

Just as the physical location of a business has an effect on it’s performance, likewise hosting has an effect on website performance.

I’d like to give you my own recommendations of where to find quality WordPress hosting, but first let me tell you a story.

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You Don’t Have To Do It All Yourself

By John Locke May 20th, 2015 in Business and Entrepreneurship, WordPress
May 20, 2015

You Don’t Have To Do Everything Yourself

There’s something many of us are guilty of that we need to quit doing.

We live in a culture that encourages us to do everything ourselves, even if we’re not the best person for the task.

We’re constantly told to work on the things we’re weakest at. We buy into the fallacy that ’re deficient unless we can do everything by ourselves.

Well, that’s a crock.

The most successful people not only ask for help with things they ’t strong at, they ask all the time.

Stop beating your head against the wall trying to slog through an arduous tasks. Ask someone for help and get it done quicker and better than you could by yourself.

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Site Builders vs WordPress

By John Locke May 16th, 2015 in Front End Development, Marketing Strategy, Web Design, WordPress
May 17, 2015

Comparing Site Builders vs WordPress

A few days ago, a Wall Street Journal columnist Joanna Stern published an article on building your own website.

In Stern’s post, she compared some common page builders: Squarespace, Wix, Weebly and Jimdo. The WSJ article put Squarespace and Weebly at the top when it came to site builders, as did Steve Benjamins on

So why didn’t Stern’s WSJ article cover WordPress?

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