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Using Wordle For SEO

Using Wordle for SEO

Sitting down to write, edit and perfect page copy can be a long process. One method I use is to write down basic ideas for each section, then extrapolate those into sentences. During this process, I determine a keyword phrase to target for SEO, and integrate it into the piece.

One challenge of optimizing copy is trying to get an idea of what is on the page beyond the main keyword. Normally, web pages have one targeted keyword phrase. Google is now sophisticated enough to look not only for the exact keyword phrase, but for synonyms and related terms on the same page. This helps determine whether search engines see your page as natural or keyword-stuffed.

WordPress SEO by Yoast is great at showing how many times a single keyword phrase appears, but does not show the frequency of other words in a page.

Wordle is a tool that shows a visual hierarchy of how often individual words appear in a document.

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Two Minutes Or Less

By John Locke Sep 20, 2014 in Business and Entrepreneurship, Client Attraction

Two Minutes or Less

Two minutes isn’t a long time. But if you’re listening to someone explain a concept you can’t decipher, it can seem like eternity.

As web developers, we have a tendency to use our industry terminology too often. Clients don’t need jargon. Jargon is a wall, built to keep the uninitiated out. That’s not what we want.

When we explain things to clients, try not to make it sound like alphabet soup. Describe things in a way that is easy for them to understand.

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Why We Shouldn’t Bundle WordPress Plugins In Themes

Why We Shouldn’t Bundle WordPress Plugins In Themes

There’s a huge problem with the way many WordPress themes are currently built, marketed, and sold. The ecosystem is beginning to change, ever so slowly, but major changes need to be made for the good of the WordPress platform, theme marketplaces, and the agencies and clients that rely on themes.

The situation currently illustrating this problem is the recently discovered critical security vulnerabilities in the Slider Revolution and Showbiz Pro for WordPress plugins. Over 1000 WordPress themes have been affected by this security exploit, which allows attackers to take control of your entire website. A list of affected themes can be found on the ThemeForest site. Themes that have already performed necessary security updates are also listed.

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Trust, Now and Then

By John Locke Sep 8, 2014 in Business and Entrepreneurship, Client Attraction

Trust, Now and Then

Trust is a vital component of human relationships. Without it, alliances that were once strong will wither and die, going down in a ball of flames. We make important decisions based how much trust we put in the people on the other end of the relationship.

Some web developers have been taught to always say Yes — to never reveal that they are unfamiliar with anything in their world. They have come to believe that when asked if they have done something, they should agree, even when they may not have that familiarity. These developers have heard stories of the early web from people who went on to make huge names for themselves. These stories all have a similar plotline. Sometime in the past, a client approached the developer, asking them about a certain technology. The developer assured them they “knew how to do that” and they could handle the job. The developer then learned everything they needed to know over the weekend. These personal recounts always have a happy ending for everyone involved.

The web industry is not in the same place that it was in those Protozoic years. There’s more going on now than ever before, with no signs of slowing down. Misrepresenting your skills will expose you a lot quicker than it would have ten years ago. And that’s a good thing.

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Sacramento WordPress Meetup September 2014

By John Locke Sep 4, 2014 in Front End Development, WordPress

Sacramento WordPress Meetup September 2014: Lightning Talks

The WordPress community in Sacramento is thriving, helped in large part by the Sacramento WordPress Meetup Group, which is help the Tuesday of each month at Hacker Lab, in Downtown Sacramento. For the September 2014 meeting, members of the group gave Lightning Talks, which are short, focused presentations about 10 minutes in length. On the card for this evening were Kevin Marsden, a Happiness Engineer for Automattic; yours truly; and Jake Goldman, owner of the juggernaut WordPress agency, 10up.

Kevin’s talk was on writing a more efficient support request; my talk focused on page speed and front-end performance; Jake’s talk was on PushUp, a new product that sends push notifications to subscriber’s browsers when a selected post is published.

I was able to film the talks Kevin and I presented. Unfortunately, my device ran out of storage during Jake’s talk, but it was compelling — another reason you should attend the Sacramento WP Meetup each month.

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